The Role of Metal Casting in the Marine Sector

Date: January 18, 2024

In the marine sector, dependable components form the backbone of developing and maintaining marine and offshore assets that will operate safely and reliably. The challenging environment requires highly exacting specifications to be met before metal cast components are employed in either marine or offshore settings, as asset failure will quickly lead to disaster for both the asset and the crew onboard.

We support designers and owners in their pursuit of high-quality metal castings with meticulously cast components to offer operational resilience and longevity to marine assets, ultimately fostering safer conditions for all involved. Read on to discover how our high standards have supported the marine sector for decades.

Importance and Function of Investment Castings in the Marine Industry

Incorrectly cast components present real dangers in the marine environment. Substandard materials or flawed designs can lead to accelerated wear, untimely failures, and potential safety hazards. Consequently, adhering to precise specifications and regulatory standards becomes non-negotiable, emphasising the need for truly competent and reliable suppliers.

Corrosion Resistance Alloys

Corrosion resistance is indispensable in the marine sector, and as a result, choosing the right metal is vital to ensure the metal castings for your marine asset are prepared for use. Stainless steel castings, for example, offer excellent resistance to the corrosive effects of saltwater. This attribute not only prolongs the lifespan of marine components but also eliminates premature failure, which would compromise asset performance and crew safety.

Durable Cast Materials

Durability is another prominent characteristic of various casting processes, such as die casting. Marine environments expose components to intense pressure, wear, and demanding conditions, resulting in robust materials and structures.

Versatile Metal Casting Processes

Design versatility is also a crucial advantage offered by various processes, such as investment casting. The process allows us to create complex, customised shapes with precise detail, fulfilling the various requirements of asset designers and owners alike.

Material Diversity in Dean Group’s Marine Casting

A diverse selection of casting materials needs to be assessed and carefully chosen to cater to the needs of various marine applications. Our most popular specialist alloys for marine applications include:

We consider these and other choices specifically because we know that marine parts demand specific material properties for optimal reliability.

Our Adherence to Quality Standards in Marine Casting

Upholding quality standards in marine casting, particularly ISO 90012015, is the foundation of our varied casting operations. We embrace these regulations as they guarantee consistently high-quality production while eliminating risks and errors that pose a serious risk to the marine and offshore sectors.

Deploying comprehensive quality control measures throughout our infrastructure, we maintain a vigilant approach, from material selection to final inspection. This practice confirms that stringent quality control standards are met, providing marine asset designers and owners with confidence in their components' longevity and functionality.

Benefits of Bespoke Marine Castings

The need for bespoke marine castings cannot be understated. Unique challenges abound in the marine industry. Operating within harsh environments while maintaining strict adherence to safety standards calls for parts tailored to these specific demands rather than off-the-shelf solutions.

Creating custom parts requires a higher degree of design and manufacturing complexity. Dealing with corrosion, extreme pressures, and continuous exposure to the elements necessitates not only the use of specific materials but also requires detailed engineering to ensure the parts meet the exacting standards for resilience and longevity expected by both asset designers and owners.

Marine Casting Applications

We've provided solutions for various marine industry operations, from shipbuilding to offshore engineering and naval architecture. Our extensive marine casting portfolio boasts the creation of an array of parts tailored for different applications.

Marine casting examples include:

  • Pumps
  • Deck hardware
  • Engine components
  • Bearing housings
  • Boat steering wheels
  • Seal housings.

These parts have been executed with an acute attention to detail that has become a hallmark of our work, ensuring they're reliable, robust and fit for purpose.

The Marine Casting Process at Dean Group

Our proficiency in precision steel casting complements the marine and offshore industries' needs, and we have developed a highly efficient process that ensures each project is completed to satisfaction.

3D Rapid Prototyping

The initial focus is on rapid casting prototyping and embracing the benefits of 3D wax printing to guarantee cost-effectiveness. The development of 3D-printed wax test pieces provides substantial benefits for marine and offshore asset components. Expedited adaptability to design changes coupled with cost reductions form the bedrock of our 3D wax printing processes.

Approved Metal Tooling

Metal tooling, utilised post the design validation and testing, underpins our capabilities in efficient, large-scale component production. Client-specific requirements inform the scale of tooling procedures, instilling confidence in a bespoke approach.

Upon extraction of the wax prototype, careful creation of metal moulds ensues. Ensuring proper molten metal flow within the mould is pivotal. This goal is achieved through an articulate runner system accompanying the shelled mould.

Metal Casting

Emphasis on precision and quality is consistent throughout each stage: mould creation, dewaxing, mould preparation, and pouring of liquid metal. Marine industry clients demand rigorous attention to these factors due to the exacting environments their assets operate within.

Subsequent Surface Treatments

Specialised surface treatments and checks, such as anodising, machining, heat treatment, and testing (destructive and non-destructive), fortify the performance and longevity of the produced parts.

Marine Investment Castings at Dean Group

Stainless steel investment castings are the foundation on which the marine sector is built, thanks to the many benefits discussed in this blog. Our engineers have extensive experience in designing, prototyping, testing and casting components that meet the exacting specifications of the marine and offshore sector with our varied casting processes.

Leveraging these attributes, combined with the use of corrosion-resistant materials and processes, allows us to meet and exceed the expectations of marine asset designers and owners, ensuring safe and reliable performance within this vital sphere. Contact us directly to discuss your next design and see which process and material we will use to fulfil your needs.

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