Investment castings for use in architecture and buildings

The architectural market is just one of the large number of sectors we serve at Dean Group. In this industry, there are often two priorities: attention to detail and safety. Building castings need to comply to all safety measures but, sometimes, also offer a design aspect to the building, helping it achieve a wow factor.

At Dean Group, we serve this sector by providing castings that perform well for their intention. We have been known to provide purely functional castings for the industry, but also ornamental castings, all achieved with our investment casting processes.

Architectural Castings from Dean Group

The specific requirements of each order are discussed from the start so we can provide your parts using the correct metal and process. Architectural castings have been used for:

  • Light fittings
  • Windows
  • Lift interiors
  • Fountain parts
  • Balustrades and banisters
  • Handrail glass clamps
  • Support clamps

When looking for castings that are high in accuracy and precision for your architecture project, our premium grade investment casting and commercial grade investment casting processes are more than suitable. We offer high attention to detail to ensure your casting is perfect and meets the specifications discussed.

Get in Touch with Dean Group

If you work within the sector and require specific parts for your project, let us know. We can manufacture components of different sizes and from different materials, as well as shape complexity, and will always do what we can to find the solution that works for your project and budget.