Aluminium Investment Casting


The aluminium investment casting (ELITE) process allows for a range of part sizes and weights to be cast with excellent mechanical properties. It also produces parts with an enhanced microstructure that are gas-tight, and there is also no need for HIP.

At Dean Group International, we take pride in presenting our esteemed clients with a state-of-the-art high-integrity aluminium investment casting process. Our advanced ELITE casting process allows us to deliver robust aluminium components tailored to your specific needs, fostering close collaboration with clients in industries such as aerospace, military, electronics, and motorsport.

Many industries face challenges in procuring the high-integrity gas-tight parts they require, often accompanied by significant costs. At Dean Group International, we specialise in addressing these challenges by offering fully traceable parts manufactured at our dedicated foundry in the UK. Our all-new ELITE aluminium casting process, drawing inspiration from the renowned SOPHIA® casting method, enables us to create precise, intricate shapes and components with enhanced Miro structures. All our products are fully traceable and competitively priced, ensuring that we meet the unique demands of our clients with efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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Our ELITE aluminium investment casting process allows us to produce high-quality, pressure-tight, and safety-critical castings, as well as thin wall sections and parts to your exact specifications. We are able to produce Aluminium parts ranging from a few grams to 15kgs in weight and a few mm to 500mm x 500mm x 500mm.

At Dean Group International, we specialise in providing quality products, excellent customer service and competitively priced parts. We work closely with our clients through every step of the process – from design to completion. In addition, we are a member of the Cast Metals Federation and the Northwest Aerospace Alliance.

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Our ELITE process has many advantages, including:
Made in the UK at our foundry in Manchester
Thin wall section parts
Consistent high-range tensile results
Enhanced microstructure – eliminating the need for HIP
Fully traceable individual parts
A wide range of size and weight capabilities
Consistent and repeatable
Good surface finishes
Flexible production volumes
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Elite Aluminium Casting

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