Quality Policy, Controls and Assurance

At Dean Group, we pride ourselves on being experts in the die casting process and the investment casting process. Both Dean Group and our supply partners have either (or both) ISO9001-2015 or TS 16949 quality accreditation. Our aim is to instill quality into the part and, with stringent investment and die casting process controls, as well as strict inspection methods, maintain the highest standard of quality throughout the lifetime of the product.

Quality Certifications

Quality CMM Testing

CMM Testing

Dean Group and our supply partners have ISO9001-2015, TS 16949, or both quality accreditations. Dean Group International’s current accreditation certificate is available to download from the link below. Our prime quality objective is to plan quality into the part from design onwards, aiming to maintain the highest standard of quality throughout the lifetime of the product.

Quality Policy

Product quality is borne out of the right approach for the die casting process; from the first design review, our aim is to design quality into the part with a “right first time” approach, because if the quality is there to begin with it will continue for the life of the product.

Plan, Do, Check, Act

When it comes to the die and investment casting process, Dean Group production actively embraces the “Plan, Do, Check, Act” cycle via regular reviews of operational performance, resulting in corrective actions linked to continuous improvement programs and ongoing verification. The main objective is to engineer improvements into every part, whilst decreasing the necessity to constantly ‘control’.

Meeting Customer Requirements

Depending on regulatory or specific customer requirements, the appropriate inspection and testing methods that can be utilised by Dean Group, include, but are not constrained to:

  • Visual
  • Dimensional: from first principles to CMM, including ability to tolerance from CAD data
  • Chemical analysis: the use of mass spectrometry in the analysis of incoming raw metals for verification and at post cast is standard at Dean Group
  • Microstructural analysis
  • Full traceability: from raw material to final product
  • Die penetrant inspection
  • Mechanical testing

Supply Partners

At Dean Group, we maintain strong links with all our supply partners. This is achieved, not just through regular audits, but through regular, frequent communication and contact. Telephone conferences, video conferences, alongside regular face-to-face meetings, are all frequently maintained, particularly through the advanced product quality planning stages of project implementation.

Our objective is to support both customer and supply partner to achieve the quality requirements for the part, as we know this can only be as a result of effective interaction between all parties.

Design & Simulation

We pride ourselves in ensuring quality from the first step in our die casting process and investment casting process.

Starting with engineering evaluation, we assess the design and its suitability for the chosen investment and die casting process. As part of our product quality planning, this stage promotes early identification of any necessary design changes required to ensure both function and cast integrity.

Die casting and investment casting simulation is an essential step to indicate the feasibility of the process design (methods design) and to minimise variation within the part. It enables us to predict defects at the design stage and therefore reduce development time and cost.

Whether parts are eventually manufactured in the UK or by one of our supply partners in China, we apply the same approach: Dean Group fully manage from the outset, including the design and simulation to provide high quality across all of our production.