Quality Assurance

At Dean Group, we pride ourselves on the quality of our work.

Dean Group and all our suppliers are as a minimum ISO9001-2015 certified.
ISO9001 Quality Certification
With this minimum requirement we set under the guidance of ISO9001 this ensures that we have our best foot forwards on every project we conduct to achieve our customers quality goals.

Our design and quality engineers review each of the projects we undertake in detail at the very beginning to iron out as many of the kinks are possible before the product is sampled & produced. This reduces the delay in product development and fast tracks our customers to their end goals and supply to market. All with the confidence of the quality of the product they are selling.

To ensure quality standards are being achieved & maintained we can offer a wide range of testing procedures:

Visual Inspection of a % or 100% of products.
Dimensional reports from our CMM including ISIR reporting.
Chemical Analysis which we can perform internally or externally if 3.1/3.2 reports are required.
Mechanical Analysis which are done externally to achieve 3.1/3.2 reports.
Microstructure Analysis.
NDT Testing.
Destructive Testing.
Full Traceability Certifications.

All performed in the aim to ensure your have the highest of quality maintained throughout all your products and all available from both our UK foundry and our Asian foundries.

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