Investment castings for the military and defence industry

A key industry for protecting the UK population, the military and defence sector relies on high quality castings. Our military and defence sector is one of the strongest globally, with an annual turnover of £22bn and employing 260,000 individuals across the country. So much from a military standpoint requires investment casting, including weapons, missiles, radar and communications equipment, and Dean Group are proud to assist with our investment casting process from our UK Foundry.

Military Casting Materials and Processes

At Dean Group we help you determine which materials will work best for your product. Often, for military castings, our aluminium investment casting process offers the ideal solution. This process delivers castings that are perfect where weight, strength and casting soundness are of concern, and components that are gas-tight with high range tensile results.

We also offer several casting methods, allowing you to choose the one that will benefit your project the most. Our premium grade investment casting and commercial grade investment casting processes ensure high accuracy, precision, design flexibility, consistency and repeatability, low initial tooling costs, and so much more.

All the parts we create for the sector will be durable, resistant to wear and tear, corrosion resistant and of the highest quality, regardless of the process which works. What’s more, our service includes technical drawings, rapid prototyping if required, machining and heat treatments when necessary.

Why Choose Us for Your Defence Components?

We have many years’ experience in delivering components for the sector and we’re committed to delivering the best castings to all our customers.

In our gallery, you can find examples of parts we’ve created for the defence industry, including defence sighting systems and robotics parts. Here you can see the materials and processes we used to create the components.

When you choose us as your component manufacturer, we provide you with the ideal castings for your defence project, with fast lead times and durable castings (which are capable of withstanding even the harshest of settings).

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If you’re interested in castings for the military sector, contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help. We can also answer any questions you may have about our processes and the materials we work with.