Can you visit Dean Group to view the manufacturing process?

Yes, please make an appointment by calling us on 0161 775 1633 and ask to speak to our sales team.

Can Dean Group assist in the design of my parts?

We consider this the key to the success of our projects – we prefer to be involved at the earliest opportunity.

What drawing and CAD file formats can be accepted?

2D = Solidworks, PDF, Jpeg,Dwg,dxf
3D = Solidworks, Parasolid, Step,Acis sat, and IGES

What is the maximum size and weight of parts which Dean Group can produce?

From a few grams to about 30kg in steel and 500mm long, through to 180Kg via our supply partners and a meter long.

What are Dean Group’s casting tolerances?

It’s very much part specific, please call us on 0161 775 1633 for more information.

Can Dean Group produce rapid prototypes?

Rapid Prototypes are available as an option either UK or overseas supplied.

What are Dean Group’s lead times?

Lead times vary depending on the complexity of the project, but are typically 6-8 weeks for tool development and samples, and between 6 and 14 weeks for production depending on whether it’s UK or overseas sourced. Prototypes can be produced quicker as tooling is not required.

What are Dean Group’s office hours?

08:00-17:00 – Monday
08:00-17:00 – Tuesday
08:00-17:00 – Wednesday
08:00-17:00 – Thursday
08:00-14:00 – Friday
Closed – Saturday
Closed – Sunday

What materials can be offered for Investment Castings?

Most materials can be investment cast, please refer to the materials section of the website.

What other processes can Dean Group offer?

We offer a range of metal forming processes and can advise on the best one to suit your needs.

What accreditation does Dean Group have?

We operate under ISO 9001:2008, our supply partners have TS16949.

What is the ELITE process?

High integrity pressure tight aluminium castings for the aerospace, military, electronics and automotive industries.

What stock holding facilities do you have?

For qualifying customers, lead time is 1 – 2 days.

What are the minimum and maximum batch sizes for both UK and China?

Again, part and size specific, it could be as low as 10’s off providing it justifies the tooling outlay. There is no upper limit.

Does Dean Group manufacture using any exotic materials?

Yes, please refer to the materials section, most air melt alloys are available including titanium from overseas.

What can Dean Group offer that is different from the other suppliers?

We are family owned with high moral and ethical standards. We have many long-serving and highly experienced staff members as well as a technical and balanced approach to each and every project.

Where are you based and are you easy to find?

We are based in Irlam, Manchester.

How long have you traded with China?

We have long term supply partners from around 2002.

Why should I not go direct to China?

It’s all about risk management – cheap is only cheap if you can use it.

I have a design, can you help me bring it to market?

That’s what we specialise in, we’ll make sure that the parts are fit for purpose and of the highest, repeatable quality at the right price.

What is Dean Group’s speciality?

We have a fully operational investment casting foundry in Manchester, but we also offer many other metal processes.

What markets are Dean group in?

Our strength is in our diversity – we have extensive experience in a wide cross section of industry.

How much of Dean Group’s sales are exported?

The majority of DGI’s work is for the home market, however we do have a number of key export customers that we service from our Manchester facility.

How do I contact Dean Group?

You can contact us through any of the below methods:

Tel: 0161 775 1633

We are always happy to offer advice.