Technical Material Information

With our investment casting process, we are able to cast pretty much all metals including the full range of stainless steels, exotic alloys such as Stellite, Duplex, Super Duplex and even Titanium as well as the full range of non-ferrous materials including copper and aluminium alloys.

Stainless Steel and Heat Resistant Alloys

Corrosive resistant alloys, perfect for challenging environments.
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Carbon Steel

Robust and strong metals, all round metal perfect for almost every application.
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Aluminium Alloys

Light weight but sturdy, cost effective solution to weight problems.
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Nickel and Cobalt Alloys

Specific alloys, perfect for high end and high performance usages.
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Copper Based Alloys

Highly conductive, corrosive resistant materials. Made for electrical or corrosive environments.
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Amazing strength to weight ratio materials where weight is just as critical as strength.
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 Investment casting
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Investment casting
(commercial grade)
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Stainless steel & heat resistant alloys Download
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Nickel & cobalt alloys    Download
Aluminium alloys  Download
Copper based alloys   Download
Titanium    Download

We are continuously adding new materials to our offering, for the latest information or if you have a special request, please contact us.

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