Aerospace Castings

Aluminium castings for the aerospace industry

The aerospace sector requires parts and components that must be cast with precision, independently of their size or application. At Dean Group, we can provide this by manufacturing castings with great attention to detail and quality.

To meet the high standards of the sector, we use only the best materials and the latest investment casting processes. Also, our experience with long-standing OEMs, Tier 1s and other members of the supply chain allows us to create high-integrity castings for aerospace.  We work with AS9100 certified sub cons and NADCAP certified labs to provide the necessary certification for the industry.

Investment Castings in the Aerospace Industry

In the aerospace industry, parts are generally complex and with intricate details, which require a high level of precision. Due to their end use, these castings must also be able to withstand harsh conditions, such as those found in aircraft engines. Due to the rapid advancements in aerospace technology, it’s crucial that components are reliable, safe and cost-efficient.

Weight is a concern as well in this industry, with lighter materials preferred over heavier ones in order to maximise fuel efficiency and aerodynamics.

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Dean Group and the Aerospace Sector

Our ELITE aluminium casting process is suitable for manufacturing castings for the aerospace sector. Not only does it produce precise castings with good mechanical properties, but it also provides castings that have thin wall section parts and good surface finishes and that come in a large range of sizes and weights.

You always get high quality at a low cost when you choose Dean Group. Our parts are fully traceable and have enhanced microstructures that don’t require hipping. As a member of the Cast Metals Federation and the Northwest Aerospace Alliance, we have a deep knowledge of the industry and understand its demands too.

We also partner with AS-accredited subcontractors and NADCAP-accredited labs to provide castings that meet our customers’ specifications.

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Materials to Consider

Aluminium is a key material in aerospace because of its strength, low weight and resistance to corrosion. The metal can also be endlessly recycled without losing its properties. Materials also need to withstand high temperatures, resist fatigue and have fracture toughness, not to mention a high tolerance to damage (this is essential for fuselages, for instance).

Besides aluminium, carbon steel is also commonly found in the sector due to the strength it provides and how durable it is. This is a ferromagnetic alloy, something that allows it to be used in motors and electrical applications.

No matter which materials we use, we always focus on quality, so our castings meet ISO 9001:2005 standards and go through strict inspections and testing.

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