How is 3D Printing Changing the Manufacturing Industry?

3D printing is not only becoming increasingly popular in many manufacturing businesses but is also becoming the standard for some sectors. This additive manufacturing technology drives production by a digital blueprint and builds layer upon layer of material until the … Read more

The Future of Manufacturing: The Growth of Industry 4.0

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Why is Manufacturing Important to The Economy?

The Great Recession may seem like a lifetime ago, but the economy is still overcoming such events. The economic state of the country (and beyond) has affected many areas – including manufacturing.

ISO 9001:2015 – Dean Group’s Latest Quality Certification

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Dean Group Nominated for the Made in the North West Award

We’ve recently had some great news for everyone here at Dean Group! We have been nominated for the Made in the North West Award; more specifically, we’ve been shortlisted for the Supply Chain Award. We’re over the moon with this … Read more

Why The Year of Engineering is Essential

2018 is the Year of Engineering. The reason why the UK government launched the initiative this year is that they want to inspire the next generation of engineers and overcome the shortfall of 20,000 engineering graduates a year.

The Importance of Robotics for the UK Economy

Robotics are now, more than ever, essential elements in factories and warehouses across the globe. These robots are meant to help humans and work side-by-side with them, not threaten jobs. After all, technological innovation tends to promote economic growth, meaning … Read more

How Could Brexit Impact UK Aerospace?

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3 Top 2018 Trends in the Manufacturing Industry

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