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UK manufacturing is one of the 2 supply routes we offer. There are many metal foundries and investment casting foundries in the UK, but our modern facility – with automated cells and robotics – has been running for over 40 years and is best suited for low to medium volume production and technically demanding or specialist work. Transfer to China supply at a later stage is also possible.

UK Supply Route

Dean Group are customer and market driven and therefore we offer two supply options to match these requirements: UK manufacturing or low cost outsourcing via our developed supply partners in China.

Our Manchester Casting Foundry Facilitates Production for Customers Looking for:

  • Small to medium casting runs
  • Short lead times
  • A way to manage infrequent order patterns easier
  • Fast prototype production
  • Domestically made products
  • Trial production in the UK and possibility to transfer it to China at a later stage
  • Reduced risks caused by emergency situations by having duplicate tools for UK and China production with the same experienced supplier

UK Metal Casting Foundry Capabilities

Our Manchester investment casting foundry has been running since 1972 encompassing the latest manufacturing techniques including automated cells and robotics. Ongoing investments raise the efficiency levels and we continue to modernise the facility to meet increasing demands. The foundry is capable of producing low to medium sized batches of investment castings and technically demanding or specialist work.

The Capabilities & Highlights of Our Manchester Casting Foundry:

Our UK foundry is equipped with automated cells and robotics.

Our UK casting foundry is equipped with automated cells and robotics.

  • Up to 30 kg investment casting capacity
  • Wide choice of alloys: ferrous, non-ferrous, exotic and more
  • Small to medium volume production
  • Baseefa and Atex compliant parts
  • ISO 9001 approval
  • General cast tolerances to ISO 8062-3:2007
  • Rapid prototype production
  • Pressure testing
  • NDT
  • Full traceability
  • Heat treatment, machining, assembly options
  • A wide range of finish options including painting, polishing, plating, anodizing and more

No matter which supply route is chosen (UK or China), we encourage potential customers to visit our UK foundry especially those who would like to learn more about the casting process.

Supporting Services

Our Manchester facility combines manufacturing, quality, logistics, design, sales and all other supporting functions for our business. It is fully equipped to handle large volumes of castings from China, both in terms of inspection and storage which is used by many of our large customers as we can deliver from stock within days.

We Offer Additional Services Surrounding Our Manufacturing (UK or China):

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