General Engineering Metal Castings

At Dean Group International, we have worked with countless designers and engineers to fulfil their varied project needs.

To accomplish this, we have developed a range of casting processes so that each project will find what it needs at our facility.

General Engineering Forging

Taking advantage of our various international Asian sources, we have supplied the finest forged metal components for a broad range of applications. Our forging uses staged tooling and a pre-heated, near-size billet to produce parts of a simple design. This is a low-cost process for parts requiring the highest integrity and mechanical properties, but subsequent machining operations are often required to produce the finished part. It is used with a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.

Combine 7R309245 - Premium Grade Investment Casting

Die Casting for Engineering Projects

Die casting is a versatile process used to cast most designs with high precision and accuracy. It is employed for high-volume projects where consistency across the batch is key. Regardless of the type, both gravity and pressure die casting provide guaranteed results reliably across any size order and maintain accurate dimensional precision whilst also offering varied finishing options after casting.

With our expert casting services, our engineers have developed a financially and materially efficient process that will guarantee the desired results with your castings.

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Investment Castings for General Engineering

For complex designs that require smooth finishes and tight tolerances, we highly recommend our efficient investment casting service. It is a cost-effective way of producing intricate products, providing significant design flexibility with excellent dimensional accuracy and surface finish. Our foundry uses a wide variety of materials, although stainless steel and carbon steel are the most common options.

At Dean Group International, we have developed an industry-leading investment casting process that guarantees that your complex design specifications are met with a variety of different materials.

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MIM for Engineering Projects

A broad range of general engineering castings are made with metal injection moulding here at Dean Group International.

We produce high volumes of relatively small items. The process uses the compressed metal powder that is “sintered” to produce parts of high accuracy and integrity, which often need no post-machining.

This technique is used with a variety of metals, stainless steel and carbon steel alloys.

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Tailored Engineering Metal Castings

Before committing to one of our varied manufacturing processes, we offer our clients a detailed development process to guarantee that the sequential steps are efficiently conducted and don’t require previous steps to be reworked. The primary element of our popular development process involves investing in our rapid casting prototyping service.

Many designers embrace this system by providing us with your already-generated CAD file and receiving a 3D wax prototype representation courtesy of our Thermojet printer in return. By choosing this, you avoid any expensive corrections during or after casting, as you’ll have an accurate prototype to review for any flaws or design errors. This process can be repeated as many times as you like to refine the design before committing to casting.

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Optional Post-Casting Processes for Engineering Projects

Once the casting is complete, there are a number of optional processes, finishes and treatments available to give your components the finishing touch. Here are some examples:

Material Treatment. We will augment the mechanical properties of the metal with heat treatments that will change the ductility and tensile strength of the metal.
Machining Services. We offer all types of machining services, from basic drilling and tapping through to 3 and 4-axis CNC machining to extremely tight tolerances and surface finishes as required for Baseefa and Atex applications.
Assembly Techniques. Assembly options, such as rivet castings together, welding or fitting with proprietary parts, are available at our Asian sources.
Surface Enhancement. The aesthetics and corrosion resistance of the cast parts can be improved with various options such as plating, anodising, and even painting.
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Why Choose Dean Group International for Your General Engineering Castings?

We have been manufacturing steel castings from our UK foundry for over 50 years, and during that time, we have worked with businesses from every area of general engineering. Here are just some examples of areas where we’ve helped engineers complete their projects:

Investment casting for EV
Aluminium castings for Aerospace
Metal injection moulding for Renewables
Die casting for Defence

These and many other sectors choose our services for precision investment castings because they require the highest quality metal cast parts for their application to get sufficient reliability regarding the capabilities and longevity of their investment.

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Get in Touch to Discuss your General Engineering Castings

Contact us directly to discover more about the varied capabilities of our foundry. Our expert engineering team is here to discuss your intended project and inform you of the best metal casting services and materials we’ll use to fulfil its requirements.

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Contact Dean Group International for Your Investment Casting Quote

To find out more about our investment casting, or to get a quote for your project, please get in touch with us on 0161 775 1633 or submit your enquiry online.
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