Metal Castings for the Medical Equipment Sector

At Dean Group, we manufacture the highest quality metal castings for a broad range of industries, including the medical equipment sector.

We know the high demands put on medical equipment and the exacting specifications that every component needs to meet so as not to fail the patient who needs it. This is why we have perfected various metal casting processes to meet the exacting specifications of medical equipment and even support the design development process with our rapid prototyping service.

We create castings designed to meet your specific requirements and the high standards of your industry. Our investment casting manufacturing capabilities include:

Investment Casting for Medical-Grade Components

Investment casting is a highly effective process that we have perfected here at Dean Group, and we use it to fulfil the complex designs required for medical devices.

This manufacturing process is used for the manufacture of many medical device components due to its versatility and the reliability of the quality of the manufactured parts. This technique also allows for the production of parts with smooth surface finishes and tight tolerances vital for medical components, even across the most complex designs. However, because of its precise nature, this process is limited to lower-volume projects.

Die Casting for Medical Devices

Die casting for medical equipment is also a highly popular solution to many designs but with an alternate focus to the previous choice. Whether it is gravity or pressure die casting, this process is best for large-volume projects with simpler designs, such as hospital bed parts or casings.

Here at Dean Group, we constantly improve this process to guarantee that it results in a faster production time with several finishing options and good dimensional accuracy for the created parts, but is unable to create highly complex designs.

Modern knee and hip prosthesis made by cad engineer and manufactured by 3d printing

Tailored Materials for Medical Metal Casting

The medical requirements related to the application of these castings make the choice of material extremely important when designing medical equipment. Corrosion-resistant alloys are used to prevent later degradation and contamination within the medical application, while some alloys, like titanium castings, are particularly useful as they integrate well with organic tissue. Alternatively, many designers have requested we use aluminium die casting for their designs due to its impressively lightweight nature.

Cast medical parts must follow strict FDA regulations to maintain compliance and patient safety. Both we and our supply partners have either (or both) ISO9001-2015 or TS 16949 quality accreditations to meet these requirements. This necessary biocompatibility of the materials in the design is something that we guarantee, as we have developed a transparent and attentive process with our clients before we start manufacturing.

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3D Rapid Prototyping for Medical Equipment Designs

Early in our development process with medical equipment designers, we encourage investing in our 3D printing rapid casting prototyping service. This advanced system involves working with our expert team to review your casting's CAD design and quickly create a physical wax test piece with our industrial thermojet printer.  

This prototype is then analysed and reviewed to provide invaluable data required to refine your medical equipment design. This process is repeatable and, with a quick turnover, will finalise your design efficiently before committing to the more expensive tolling and casting.

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Why Choose Dean Group for Medical-Grade Metal Castings?

Dean Group has extensive experience working with medical device designers to manufacture the precise components that they need with the biocompatibility their application demands. Our varied processes are combined with a transparent development process to guarantee a successful and efficient project.

There are many areas where the results of our castings benefit the sector, from patient care tools like beds, prosthetics and crutches to the detailed equipment used by the medical professionals themselves.
black and white hospital bed in the middle of interior building
Here are some examples of medical equipment we have helped create:
X-ray machines
MRI machines
Ultrasound equipment
Surgical instruments
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Get in touch to learn more about our effective manufacturing processes and discuss how our expert engineers will make sure your cast parts meet the highest standards. You can find more information on some of our successful projects in our case studies.

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