Energy and Power Metal Castings

Dean Group have a long standing history of supplying Baseefa / Atex compliant products into the energy and power industry.

Our experience and process flexibility allows us to offer a wide range of product offering to suit your needs.

Investment Casting for Oil & Gas Markets

At Dean Group, we have formed strong partnerships with our long standing OEM’s & Tier 1 clients to supply products for the oil and gas sector.

We specalise in producing, sourcing flame path and explosive-proof components, meeting the industrys demanding requirements. You can count on our experience to deliver hassle-free solutions for your product needs.

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Benefits of Choosing Investment Casting for the Energy Sector

Investment casting is especially useful for the following:

Intricate Designs: Ideal for components with complex geometries, such as turbine blades.
Superior Surface Finish: For parts characterised by excellent surface finish, which reduces the need for extensive post-processing.
Cost-Effective for Small Batches: Suited for small to medium production runs, allowing for cost-effective manufacturing.
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Metal Casting in the Energy and Power Sectors

The flexibility of the various metal casting processes we provide allows for the customisation of components, optimising their design for enhanced efficiency in specific energy systems. This is improved further when our clients invest in our rapid casting prototype service that provides physical wax prototypes quickly for design review.

Metal cast components exhibit high strength, ensuring the longevity of critical parts in demanding energy applications. The precision in metal casting processes minimises material waste, aligning with sustainability goals in the energy and power sectors. This can also be supported further with the previously mentioned prototyping service or when our cast components are used as renewable energy castings.

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Die Casting for Power Generation

Die casting is a highly efficient process, and the rapid cooling and solidification result in the formation of the desired part.

Dean Group provide pressure die casting services with aluminium alloys in collaboration with our manufacturing partners in Asia. As the name suggests, it is a process where, under high pressure, molten metal is injected into a die. The process is often automated and is a cost-effective option when components with high tolerances and thin walls are needed. Products can be mass-manufactured with reliability and accuracy. This method is particularly suited for:

High Production Rates: Ideal for mass production, ensuring a steady supply of components.
Dimensional Accuracy: Provides precise and consistent parts, meeting strict industry standards.
Cost-Effective for Large Batches: Economical for high-volume production, reducing per-unit costs.

Whether it is gravity or pressure die casting, this process is best for large-volume projects with simpler designs, such as housings for electric motors, heat sinks, and various structural parts. Its high production rates make it an excellent choice for meeting the demand for standardised components in power generation and distribution systems.

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Discuss Your Next Casting Project for The Energy Sector

Metal foundries like ours consistently provide the energy and power sectors with reliable and durable components through our efficient processes. The versatility of our casting methods, coupled with the material's inherent benefits, guarantees the consistent integration of high-quality parts into the complex machinery that drives our modern energy infrastructure.

Dean Group is proud to be a member of the Cast Metals Federation, an organisation that advocates for the UK casting industry. We are also BSI and ISO 9001:2015 accredited, showcasing that we operate at the highest international levels of quality and service provision. From ferrous to non-ferrous metals and to other exotic metals, we can design and volume manufacture investment castings to a wide range of design specifications.

Contact us to learn more about our popular metal casting services and explore how they will support your next project in the energy and power sector.

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To find out more about our investment casting, or to get a quote for your project, please get in touch with us on 0161 775 1633 or submit your enquiry online.
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