Rapid Casting Prototyping from Dean Group

Rapid prototyping – this is the quick and affordable way to ensure your concepts are fit for purpose and function before you commit to the design and manufacture. Dean Group can assist your product development process with quality investment casting test parts prior to production tooling.

Here at Dean Group, we offer rapid prototyping for your premium grade investment casting processes. Our options produce high-quality, high-integrity castings supplied to your specification from our manufacturing facilities in Manchester.

Benefits of Rapid Prototyping

With a short production time, rapid prototyping allows you to test precisely what your development parts are capable of, and how to get the best out of them. This could be the experimentation stage of your design, or used for validation or comparison of a number of different options.

  • Swift product turnaround improves speed to market
  • Genuine processes and materials used for all prototypes
  • Product validation prior to full-scale roll-out
  • Allows for design changes without costly modifications after release
  • Eliminates time spent re-designing and crafting after production begins
  • Allows for direct comparison testing of alternative design concepts
  • Manufactured from your own CAD data

Thermojet Wax System

Using a 3D model, we’ll create a wax replica of your part, built in layers using thermojet (printed) technology as part of our rapid prototyping process. These can then be processed at our Manchester plant. In a matter of weeks, we can provide you with castings that have gone through the same manufacturing procedure as, and are functionally identical to, their hard-tooled counterparts.

The advantage of this particular process is just how quick it is, being slightly swifter than other available options. As such, the thermojet wax system acts as an efficient way to create small quantities of parts for validation.

Resin Block Tooling

Our resin block tooling method allows us to create samples from a low-cost resin material. This particular process is produced in-house at our UK plant, and designed for those who want slightly higher volumes, quantities of around 10-15 test parts or even short-run production.

While the production takes slightly longer than thermojet systems, the result is a high-quality build for simple parts in smaller orders.

The Dean Group Commitment for Casting Prototypes

We believe that every prototype should be created in precisely the same manner as all other castings. That way you can test the practicality and functionality of each prototype design, offering you a clear idea of how they’ll perform under real-world stress.

That’s our commitment to you – to provide superior castings designed to offer full validation and proof of concept, without requiring large production costs for untested development parts and redesigns.

We can craft high-quality, high-integrity castings with good dimensional accuracy, and we do it with a quick turnaround so you can get your product manufactured and to market faster.

Where time is not a factor, but functional testing of designs is required, we also offer a low-cost thermojet system option through our supply partners in China. While this option will add 7-10 days onto delivery of your parts, there are significantly lower costs associated with this method.