The Benefits of 3D Printing Rapid Prototyping in Custom Part Manufacturing

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Why Do Space Programs Rely on Metal Casting?

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Steel VS Aluminium Metal Casting

When it comes to casting, various factors influence the choice of metal. At Dean Group, we predominantly choose aluminium and steel for their unique properties and versatility in many industrial or commercial applications. By working with metal casting specialists like … Read more

Digital Skills Re-Inventing UK Manufacturing

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Investment Casting Innovation for Renewable Energy

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Case Study: Casting for the Cloud Cities Barcelona

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The Future of Manufacturing

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Safeguarding Your Supply Chain

Unforeseen world events such as the pandemic significantly damaged manufacturing companies’ standard global supply chains. As a result, erratic disruptions became commonplace as the manufacturing industry struggled to acquire the raw materials needed for daily operations. Manufacturing Supply Chain Challenges … Read more

Stability With Demand Forecasting

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Manufacturing Managing Rising Costs

In 2023, the events of the past three years still affect manufacturing in the UK. International disruptions and significant changes in the national economy and COVID brought about numerous obstacles the sector still struggles to overcome. The rising costs that … Read more