New Microscopy Facility

Date: April 28, 2015

Dean Group install brand new Microscopy Facility into their in-house Laboratory to ensure they continue to meet and exceed market demand.

At Dean Group we are always striving to find ways to stay up to date with market demand and to meet and exceed customer expectations and quality requirements. In order to continue to provide our customers with exceptional quality investment castings and other products we manufacture, and the customer service and quality procedures to match, we have continue to invest heavily in equipment, plant, personnel and training to ensure that we can meet the increasingly strict controls regarding cast integrity.

To this end, we have purchased and installed spectrographic testing equipment to ensure the material chemistry of our castings meets our own high standards and complies with our customers’ strict specifications.

The Microscopy Facility in our new in-house Laboratory includes:

  • Stereo and Optical Microscopymicroscopy-ndt-testing-quality-889
  • LED illuminated high performance digital cameras to record images
  • High quality preparation equipment

Some of the major benefits for our customers include:

  • Accurate analysis of the material chemistry composition, ensuring compliance to complex customer specific and industry requirements
  • The ability to review material micro-structures
  • Optimisation of material properties
  • Fast identification of imperfections in high integrity parts
  • Enhanced confidence over consistent quality results for technically demanding castings
  • In-house quality assurance and fast support on advanced testing, measurement and analysis
  • Support for continuous improvement programmes

The introduction of the Microscopy Facility into our in-house Laboratory is another step in our strategic growth plan to ensure Dean Group provide top quality UK manufactured casting services and fully quality assured, low cost overseas supply in the long-term.

For more information on our Quality policy, controls and certifications, please visit Quality section here or contact us to discuss it in more detail.

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