Automation in UK Industries

Automated processes offering automation are key in many different areas within manufacturing, from the factory floor to the office, so it’s not something that will disappear anytime soon. There are many benefits to businesses and to the economy from automated … Read more

The Benefits of MIM

At Dean Group, we offer a large number of services that allow us to create high-quality castings and metal components. With each project having different needs and specifications, it is important that we identify which process is ideally suited to … Read more

Automotive Industry: Our News Roundup

Innovations are occurring daily. New ways to produce, perfect and grow the automotive industry in a responsible way. Such a large industry produces an incredible amount of news daily, making it difficult to always be able to sift the important … Read more

The Future of UK Manufacturing Jobs After Brexit

In the wake of Brexit, many were fearful for the economy, expecting a particularly negative effect on several industries. However, as we’ve seen since the referendum, the manufacturing industry has experienced an incredibly positive period, displaying a great deal of … Read more

Working as a Team: A Full Industry Overview

In the engineering world it’s typical for work to be done by teams, not individuals, especially because so much goes into a specific project – the combined expertise of the team is the key to creating quality work.

What is Material Science?

The history of material science is vast and old. We can trace back our ingenuity to the Stone Age era, when humanity was still figuring out the things they could do with the materials around them. We worked materials and … Read more

Team pass with flying colours

Continuous improvement and training are always a priority at Dean Group.  We appreciate the importance of ensuring that our training matrix is up to date, and we take every opportunity to encourage our team to expand their knowledge and skills. … Read more