New Chemical Composition Testing Equipment

Date: April 30, 2008

The chemical composition of customer chosen material may or may not be critical but we supply parts to recognised BS specifications and as such we have to ensure that the materials comply.

In many instances the composition of the material is highly critical. We supply a number of high specification alloys based on Cobalt, Nickel, Duplex Stainless Steel, Titanium, and the tight control of the composition is key to the performance of some of these materials.

We have recently invested in our own spectrometer which enables us to monitor the material during the casting process and all batch product prior to delivery to customers.

Until now we have only been able to test the chemical composition at local test houses. With the increased volumes from both the UK manufacturing and imported products it now made economic sense for us to purchase our own testing facility. This added the benefits of ability to be alerted to any issues immediately and reduced lead times to our customers.

The purchase of spectrometer also enables us to work more effectively and avoid potential delays that can occur when relying on sub-contractors. We closely follow what the market is demanding: quality investment castings at the right prices and in the shortest possible lead times.

Spectrometer – New Chemical Composition Testing Equipment

Spectrometer – New Chemical Composition Testing Equipment

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