Manchester Investment Castings rebranding to Dean Group International

Date: January 22, 2007

Manchester Investment Castings (MIC) was founded by Ray Dean in 1972 who was joined by his son Christopher Dean and daughter Carol Dean in the early 1980s. It continues to thrive with continued innovation producing castings in a wide range of low alloys, stainless steel and high alloy materials as well as nonferrous alloys of aluminium and copper based materials.

Manchester Investment Castings (MIC) has a commitment to technology, innovation, quality and service. As part of the changes in the market place and addition of new products and services the company has decided to appropriately reflect these changes with a new name as the business has expanded outside the core investment casting production. With the Dean family still at the helm of the company, the name was chosen to reflect this position – Dean Group International.

The Dean Group International name captures the ongoing investment, vast experience gathered by several generations, strong family values and customer focus as well as global expansion and diversity of our products, processes, services and manufacture.

Dean Group look forward to the continued growth, development and innovation in premium grade investment castings, commercial grade investment castings, die casting, forgings, MIM, finishing and sub assembly market to deliver the best to its customers.

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