Dean Group Celebrates Christmas in Style

Date: January 12, 2023

At Dean Group, we staff an expert team working tirelessly to create the various castings and prototypes our clients need. Despite this constant dedication to producing the highest quality investment castings in the UK, we know the vital importance of taking some time off to enjoy ourselves and celebrate the festive season.


Christmas Fun at Dean Group

These much-needed celebrations were kicked off at the nearby Emirates cricket ground, known to most by the legendary title Old Trafford. Both our hard-working employees and partners were invited to this seasonal company party. The celebration was a major success, with participants from every department getting into the spirit of the season and sharing all we had accomplished during 2022.

The Christmas fun wasn’t just limited to the Old Trafford venue. However, celebrations continued at our facility with various enjoyable activities such as the always enjoyable Secret Santa and the successful company raffle.

emirates cricket ground

Home-Baked Treats

A Christmas party isn’t complete without excellent food and drink; fortunately, we had some help. Gillian, the partner of Dave Cartledge and Senior Quality Engineer at Dean Group, surpassed the existing party food immensely with her amazing selection of home-baked Christmas cakes and gingerbread houses (pictured below) that were not only delicious but even on brand.

christmas cakes

We suspended operations on the 24th of December in the afternoon for a welcome break for everyone on our team to spend time with loved ones and see another successful year off in style. We resumed work on the 3rd of January with a refreshed and rejuvenated workforce eager to face the challenges of a new year and make 2023 an even greater success.

Who is Dean Group?

Dean Group is a UK-based leader among metal casting manufacturers; we have the previously mentioned top-of-the-line facility in Manchester, where we produce a broad range of metal castings such as:

Our investment casting (also known as lost wax castings) is a cost-efficient method of creating detailed and intricate components compared to alternative manufacturing methods.

dean group investment castings

These and the other services we provide have placed Dean Group as a dependable manufacturing company at the heart of the UK manufacturing industry. In collaboration with our international contacts in Asia, we supply a higher volume of commercial-grade castings and forged parts that are fully risk-managed, quality assured and low-cost. In addition, extra processes are available such as:

  • Machining
  • Heat treatment
  • Assembly
  • Various surface finishes.

From our ISO and TS-accredited UK facility, we can confirm the quality of the castings with full visual, dimensional, and even chemical analysis. We take great pride in producing high-quality castings to precise specifications and giving our clients confidence in them.

One of our more popular services is our rapid casting prototyping. This essential service provides designers with vital data about their intended products as they can see it first-hand as a physical item. This scaled model can be built using our high-tech 3D CAD software and initial simulations conducted. Afterwards, our 3D printing department will create a wax replica of those parts. Rapid prototyping is an efficient, cost-effective step in product design, significantly reducing required lead times.

50th Christmas at Dean Group

This Christmas party also had an increased significance as the company had recently passed its 50 years landmark. This successful golden jubilee event held previously for the company left an impression on the festive celebrations this year, as this family business is now in its third generation with no signs of slowing.

50 years investment castings dean group

Over our five decades of productive service to the nation, we have built extensive expertise when working with a broad range of industrial sectors. During our many years, we have worked with:

  • Oil & gas
  • Specialist and mainstream automotive
  • Rail
  • Mining
  • Renewables
  • Aerospace
  • Emergency services
  • Bespoke product development

Along with many more satisfied clients with a specific focus on Baseefa, Atex and other critical applications.

metal castings

Investment Casting Service for 2023

When celebrating Christmas, it is easy to think about the year that’s ending and what lies ahead for the next one. 2022 had some significant challenges that needed to be overcome. Global events impacting supply chains and an erratically changing UK economy put the manufacturing industry under strain in 2022. But, with 2023 just starting, Dean Group is looking to the future and the potential for success and growth it offers.

The UK will always be known as the place to source high-quality manufactured goods thanks to the revolutionary innovations that companies like ours employ within our manufacturing, such as our 3D printing for investment casting. We are dedicated to promoting the success of British manufacturing, with prosperity, growth and reliability being our focus for our customers in 2023.

Contact us to discuss how we can help with your next project.

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