£300m Funding Boost for a Greener Aerospace Industry

Date: September 20, 2019

Green Factory in aerospace industry

We have previously talked about the rise of a more sustainable aerospace sector and just how important it is to ensure that the industry continues to move towards greener technologies and practices.

The UK government appears to agree. In fact, Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, said that “new technologies, like electric and autonomous aircraft, can help us to tackle climate change, making journeys greener and working better for passengers”. In order to create more environmentally-friendly solutions, the government is giving a boost to UK innovation with a £300m fund.

According to Shapps, this funding will “support the extraordinary talents of UK industry and academia and demonstrate our country’s position as a world-leading transport innovator”.

Funding a Greener Industry

This investment will feature £125 million from the government and £175 million from the industry; in addition, researchers developing electric aircraft and cleaner jet fuels are set to get an additional £5 million boost – this research network will be led by the Universities of Birmingham, Leeds, Durham, Cardiff and University College London.

As metal casting company, we’re aware that investment in innovative technologies is the way forward, especially when it comes to creating a more sustainable industry. This funding, therefore, will help to drive UK aerospace forward.

The fund will be open for applications on 30 September; the project or organisation selected will be matched with companies in sectors in the research and innovation community, which will have the chance to participate in the industry funding. The £125 million contribution from the government will go to the Future Flight Challenge Fund for British businesses and the additional £175 million co-investment from the industry will support the development of eco-friendlier modes of transport for both people and goods. The fund will close in 2023.

The programme aims to deliver in four different areas of aerospace: control and regulation, operating models, ground infrastructure and aircraft. Participants will be able to collaborate across sectors.

Aeroplane Coming in to Land at Sunset - Boeing 737 coming in to land at sunset.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “From our shopping choices to planning our holidays, we rightly want to make decisions that protect the planet. This £300 million investment will speed up the development of greener flights and new ways of delivering the goods we order online. The UK is already recognised around the world as a centre for green tech. Now, we will lengthen our lead, supporting our industry and our citizens to reduce their carbon footprint.”

In essence, this funding will help to make use of the exceptional talent and expertise in the industry and lead the UK to develop innovative technologies, from electric taxis to parcel delivery systems – while creating a more sustainable industry.

Sustainable Aerospace Castings with Dean Group

At Dean Group, we believe in creating a greener sector and protecting the planet as well. Our investment casting process is eco-friendly and we also use recycled materials when creating castings, from our waxes to our metals. This way, we’re helping to reduce demand for raw materials. We have also taken the Green Pledge, an initiative that helps companies to focus on sustainability and approach it in a structured way.

Additionally, we have introduced a new variable speed compressor at Dean Group as well, which has allowed us to reduce our energy consumption and use the warm exhaust air back into the factory for heating purposes.

When it comes to aerospace, our aluminium investment casting (ELITE) process is perfect to create lightweight, yet strong and durable, castings which are gas-tight, come with thin wall sections and good surface finishes and don’t require HIPing.

Get in touch with us and we’ll be more than happy to discuss your project.

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