Who Benefits from Investment Casting?

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When it comes to getting the parts you need for a product, there are several types of manufacturing processes available; however, with so many options out there, it’s crucial that you know which ones yield the best results at the best prices.

Investment casting is a technique that has been around for thousands of years – in fact, for the last 5,000 years, several forms of this process have been used. Investment casting offers a range of benefits that make it ideal for many industries, from oil and gas to aerospace.

Who can benefit from this manufacturing process and how?

Industries That Benefit from Investment Casting

Sectors such as oil and gas, aerospace, and military and defence, need reliable, high-quality parts designed to meet specific requirements and withstand even the harshest of environments. For this reason, manufacturing companies such as Dean Group need to deliver high-integrity castings suitable to meet the high demands of these industries.

More specifically, the aerospace sector requires precise investment castings for the interior and exterior components of an aircraft, from sensors to hydraulic fluid systems. The automotive industry is another sector which benefits from investment casting, especially because of the design flexibility and ability to produce lightweight parts the process offers.

Investment casting is vital for the oil and gas industry as well; whether in the upstream, midstream or downstream sectors, businesses need parts to work in the harshest conditions. For this reason, it’s also crucial that castings are resistant to heat and corrosion.

There are many more industries that benefits from investment casting, as they require products that are both long-lasting, reliable and cost-effective, something this manufacturing process can easily offer.

Wax assembly

Advantages of Investment Casting

As mentioned, investment casting can be incredibly advantageous for a range of industries. Some of the most well-known reasons for the popularity of this process in these industries include:

Design Flexibility – With investment casting, you get an array of material, size and configuration options. This process offers great versatility of design and allows for the manufacturing of complex, intricate parts that can be cast to near net shape. You also get thin-wall sections and the ability to add features such as numbers, logos and names.

Ability to Cast Alloyed Parts – For industries and sectors that require the use of parts manufactured with alloyed metals, investment casting is a great choice. This process allows the casting of alloy bases such as ferrous, aluminium, nickel, copper and cobalt, which can be difficult to machine otherwise.

Reduced Machining Time – Sectors where time is of the essence – or even if your business just needs a rapid turnaround on parts – benefit from investment casting. This is because there is less need for secondary machining and modifications to get the cast up to the clients’ specifications. Not only does this mean you’re saving money, but you’re also cutting back the time needed for the whole process.

Wide Array of Applications – Used for many environments and applications, investment casting is ideal to produce many different components, from large turbine blades to small, intricate parts for engines.

Eco-Friendly – If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, investment casting is for you. Typically, the wax used to create moulds can be recycled and used again, which eliminates the need for expensive revisions and metal scrap. In addition, aluminium can also be recycled over and over again, reducing the need for raw material.

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Investment Casting with Dean Group

Specialising in investment casting, our foundry in UK offers both ferrous and non-ferrous investment casting. Our aluminium investment casting ELITE process, offers high integrity aluminium castings to serve critical sectors like aerospace, military, electronics and motorsports complete their projects with lightweight, complex and high-quality parts. This process has been developed at Dean Group and offers gas-tight, high tensile parts with good surface finishes and thin wall sections; the castings are consistent and repeatable and there is no need for ‘hipping’.

No matter your industry or the complexion of the parts, we can produce designs that meet your tight tolerance specifications at our foundry. We work with a variety of industries, from oil and gas, medical and automotive to military, defence and rail – and everything in-between. With over four decades of investment casting experience, we understand how your sector benefits from this manufacturing process and how to take full advantage of it to create parts of unmatched quality.

Dean Group International also provide fully risk managed and quality assured low cost China supply of higher volume investment castings in the main and other processes like die castings, commercial grade investment castings, forged parts and MIM including additional processes of machining, heat treatment, assembly and various surface finishes.

Not only do we supply environmentally-friendly options, but we also ensure our castings are cost-effective and fits your needs to perfection. We also work with you every step of the way, from design to completion, so you always retain control of the process no matter what.

At Dean Group, we pride ourselves in offering a high-quality investment casting process that produces high-integrity castings made to your specifications, whether you require a small, lightweight part or a large, 70-pound component. Talk to us today and we’ll be more than happy to discuss your project with you.

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