Everything You Need to Know about Lost Wax Casting

Lost wax casting, also known as investment casting, precision casting, has been a well-known and popular metal casting process for a very long time. It has remained the process of choice for many, then, especially due to its accuracy, ability … Read more

The Importance of 3D Visualisation In The Aerospace Industry

Visualisation in design is an important aspect when it comes to engineering. Seeing the process of the component being created can help in improving its design. Advanced, functional, and intuitive visualisation for aerospace engineers can facilitate communication and learning, which … Read more

UK Manufacturing Output on the Rise

According to recent reports, the output of UK manufacturing is at its fastest rate since the mid-90s. In the three months leading up to July, the growth of the market grew at a rate not seen since January 1995. This … Read more

What is Spark Erosion?

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June News Round Up

As another month draws to a close, we are looking at the news that has made the headlines in the industry this month. Of course, it has been a particularly news-worthy month, largely due to the snap general election which … Read more

International Women in Engineering Day

June 23rd 2017 marks International Women in Engineering Day – a day to celebrate the contribution of women to the industry and encourage young girls to consider a future career in engineering. According to the Office of National Statistics, women … Read more

Eight Of the Most Amazing Engineering Achievements

Mankind has achieved remarkable and breath-taking engineering accomplishments that can be seen all around the world. Here is a diverse list of 8 such achievements, from incredible technology achievements, to man-made structures. These achievements from thousands of years ago up … Read more

The UK General Election and the Manufacturing Industry

Theresa May surprised the country on April 18th by announcing a snap general election in June. There has been a lot of conjecture surrounding this election, which was called to strengthen the government, especially in regard to the Brexit negotiations. … Read more

Steel and its Applications in the Automotive Industry

Steel is a metal that is used across the engineering landscape. There are many different alloys that can be created for a multitude of applications across industries. The automotive industry is one such landscape that provides many applications for steel … Read more