The Benefits of Metal Injection Moulding

At Dean Group, we offer a large number of services that allow us to create high-quality castings and metal components. With each project having different needs and specifications, it is important that we identify which process is ideally suited to … Read more

Spotlight on Heat Treatments

Reducing overhead costs and administration, as well as consolidation of the supplier base, are important elements of the added-value service that we provide here at Dean Group. Additional processes such as heat treatment, machining and assembly are provided in order … Read more

How to Choose the Right Impeller

Impellers are used to increase or reduce the pressure and flow of a fluid, gas or vapour. For this reason, they have many applications and can be found in many different types of machinery – as well as in many … Read more

USA and UK: A Special Manufacturing Relationship?

The future of the manufacturing industry is global, with more and more deals and opportunities being found abroad. And with the USA being the largest foreign market for the UK manufacturing sector, having bought £47.4 billion in merchandise last year, … Read more

Apple is Joining the Self-Driving Car Race

Seemingly late to the party, Apple is finally joining the competitive race to create self-driving cars. For a while, it seemed like Apple would scale back their intentions to develop autonomous vehicles, or that it would even refrain from competing … Read more

April News Round Up

The face of engineering, manufacturing and science seems to change at a dramatic rate as discoveries are made, technology evolves and processes improve. So, in a year that has already seen so much change and development, let’s take a look … Read more

What is Tidal Power Generation?

In the modern world, renewable energy is becoming more and more important. People are increasingly conscious about their efforts to preserve the environment and, so, renewable energy projects are a key part of many businesses agenda. Here at Dean Group, … Read more

Celebrating 30 Years: Carol Dean

Last month, we celebrated an exciting anniversary here at Dean Group. This year marks 30 years since Carol Dean joined the Dean Group team, so we congratulated her in style, thanking her for her many years of service. With a … Read more