Why The Year of Engineering is Essential

2018 is the Year of Engineering. The reason why the UK government launched the initiative this year is that they want to inspire the next generation of engineers and overcome the shortfall of 20,000 engineering graduates a year.

A £4.8 million Boost to the UK Space Industry

The UK’s aerospace industry has been hailed time and time again for being the largest in Europe and for being such a fast-growing sector, with a growth of 39% in five years and an annual turnover of £32 billion (according … Read more

The Importance of Robotics for the UK Economy

Robotics are now, more than ever, essential elements in factories and warehouses across the globe. These robots are meant to help humans and work side-by-side with them, not threaten jobs. After all, technological innovation tends to promote economic growth, meaning … Read more

Exploring How Brexit Could Impact UK Aerospace

In recent months one word has dominated the UK press – Brexit. Whether you voted in or out, the figures are in, and as of 29th March 2017, the two-year process of splitting from the European Union was initiated. But … Read more

Three Top 2018 Trends in the Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is constantly evolving. In the UK, manufacturing output is on the rise, with many opportunities and challenges awaiting it in the future. At Dean Group, we believe it’s important to be aware of what is happening at … Read more

An Insight on Aviation and the Reduction of Environmental Impact

It’s not surprising that the race to create eco-friendlier options is at the forefront of many industries, including the aerospace sector. While the aviation industry is responsible for only a proporational businesses are actively developing greener alternatives nonetheless. Improving the Carbon … Read more

The Evolution of Aerospace: From Concorde to Low-Cost

The aerospace industry has come a long way in the 100+ years since the Wright brothers made their first flight. In a relatively short span of time, we have seen aerospace technology evolve and change drastically. From supersonic air travel … Read more

Brexit Aviation Deal: Government Focus to Avoid Trade Hit

The government has been urged to begin focusing their efforts on the aviation and aerospace industry within its many talks and discussions of Brexit. Avoiding a hit to the trade and its investment into the industry is of vital importance. … Read more

Four Challenges That Are Affecting the Aerospace Industry

There are challenges in every industry sector, but with the aerospace industry having a larger international footprint than any other sector, it is understandable that it is facing a multifaceted and complex future. From some points of view, the skies … Read more

Inspiring Younger Engineers for the Aerospace Industry

Investing in education is always a step towards helping to inspire younger generations to pursue a career in the aerospace industry. Present day investment into both the educational system and competitions to spur the minds of young people will aid … Read more