Metals and Alloys Used for Heat Resistance

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Dean Group Invests in 3D Technology

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How Dean Group Invests in People

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Eight Challenges That Are Affecting the Aerospace Industry

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The Different Routes into Engineering: What Should You Choose?

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Everything You Need to Know about Lost Wax Casting

Lost wax casting, also known as investment casting, or precision casting, has been a well-known and popular metal casting process for a very long time. It has remained the process of choice for many, then, especially due to its accuracy, … Read more

Why Investment Casting is Crucial in the Railway Sector

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How Do Investment Castings Benefit from Annealing?

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The Castings Manufactured for the Architectural Sector

Dean Group manufactures parts and components for a range of industries, including architecture. Castings created for this sector need to answer critical requirements, including safety and attention to detail, as well as visual appeal. We help the architectural sector by … Read more