The Makings of an Engineer

Date: March 31, 2017

As a company, Dean Group is always looking to the future of the engineering industry. However, as an industry, it is also important that we look towards not only the future of the technology but the people behind it as well. The next generation of engineers is in school now, attending lessons that are fuelling their curiosity and putting them on the path towards engineering. The big question is; are the lessons they are being taught enough support for their future careers?

Teaching engineering in a school environment is more important now than ever. But, what efforts are being made to do so and what will the impact on the future of engineering be?

3D Printing Makes Its Mark

One of the ways that schools are choosing to inspire the next generation of engineers is through investing in 3D printers. This hands-on approach is a great way to inspire, as it is taking everything they may be seeing in the pages of their textbooks and helping them put it into a real-world context. Reading about 3D printing versus actually seeing it for yourself are two very different learning experiences, after all. For the more tactile learners, this is a great addition to the classroom.

Three dimensional printing machine

It also makes the student's ideas much easier to bring to life. Drawing something on paper, but realising that traditionally it would be much too complicated to make, is the end of a dream for some people. But the 3D printer makes bringing this dream to life much more feasible. Not to mention less time and money consuming.

For those that may not have considered it a potential career to begin with, such a physical presence in the classroom can truly turn students towards this career path.

The Makings of the Future

As a company, apprenticeships and work placements are one of the best ways that we can help to inspire the next generation of engineers. But there is so much more that can be done by people throughout our community, in order to not only inspire more children to pursue an engineering career, but inspire more children from diverse backgrounds. More women and ethnic minorities will only improve the industry, so it is something that we should all strive towards.

Female Architect Using 3D Printer

One way to help bolster interest in engineering may be to go to schools directly, offering tutorial days or even an experience day in your company. Making these a fun experience for the children could be one way to directly pique the future engineers’ interest.

Of course, change starts in schools themselves and hopefully that change has already begun. With the introduction of such things as 3D printers in the classroom, more schools are investing in technology that will interest children in previously unthought-of career paths.

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