• Proven High Quality Record

    Internationally recognised quality standards: ISO 9001 and TS16949

    Proven High Quality Record
  • Quality designed in

    Engineered and designed right to ensure the quality is built in

    Quality designed in
  • Quality & the Right price

    UK or overseas supply options, UK quality assurance and certification

    Quality & the Right price

Our Services.

Specialising in investment casting with UK manufacturing facilities, we also provide fully risk managed and quality assured low cost China supply of higher volume investment castings, die castings, metal injection moulding and forged parts including additional processes of machining, heat treatment, assembly and various surface finishes.

Our Services

We advise on the best production process for each part to match your requirements & optimise the benefits

  • Investment casting (premium & commercial grade)
  • Die casting (pressure & gravity)
  • Metal injection moulding (MIM)
  • Forging

To manufacture repeatable high quality parts, we see product development as a key stage in production of every part:

  • Engineering evaluation
  • Design review
  • Simulation
  • Finite element analysis (FEA)

Our modern UK foundry has been running for over 40 years encompassing the latest manufacturing techniques.

  • Small to medium volume investment casting
  • Technically demanding & specialist work
  • Short lead times
  • Wide range of alloys

Dean Group offer an option for higher volume requirements via our supply partners in China:

  • Quality assured by Dean Group
  • Fully engineered by our designers
  • Risk managed supply
  • Supplied with UK certification

Why us?

With more than 40 years of manufacturing experience, Dean Group offer a fully risk managed supply partnership that will cover all your demands. From design concept through to casting simulation and 3D CAD design, we provide the engineered solution that suits you with flexible supply options including UK stock holding facilities.

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