The Importance of 3D Visualisation In The Aerospace Industry

Date: August 1, 2017

Visualisation in design is an important aspect when it comes to engineering. Seeing the process of the component being created can help in improving its design. Advanced, functional, and intuitive visualisation for aerospace engineers can facilitate communication and learning, which increases collaboration within the industry.

With immersive technology and visualisation, aerospace engineers can challenge ideas to help increase understanding and further the overall discovery process. At Dean Group, our engineers use our Solidworks 3D CAD model within our manufacturing, assisting in the production of drawings and CAD data.

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What is 3D Visualisation?

3D visualisation is used with 3D graphics, 3D rendering, and computer-generated imagery (CGI). This technology has evolved into one of the most viable options for producing high-quality digital content.

At Dean Group, we have the facility to interpret, view, and potentially modify customer models by importing the various formats into our preferred system of Solidworks. By using this 3D drawing format, we can help to minimise mistakes within engineering as the machine helps us see what can be improved and what can be changed.

Importance of 3D Visualisation

The usual way of presenting design ideas using 2D drawings may help in conveying the core idea, but the drawings do not clearly depict how the idea or component will work. 3D visualisations bring more clarity to it and can keep engineers involved in the manufacturing on the same page.

There’s an increase in pressure on engineers to offer designs that can quickly connect to clients, and 3D models and visualisations have a higher chance to succeed with this. Visualisation in engineering provides a platform for presenting findings, latest developments, and perspectives on future trends in visualisation in design and engineering.

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Benefits of Using 3D CAD Modelling

There are many benefits of 3D CAD modelling in engineering, and here are some advantages of using this design:

  • Improves the quality of the design. 3D CAD software comes with over 700,000 standard templates of mechanical components, which allows designers to use existing templates that ensure the accuracy of the design and also save time.
  • Automatic redrawing of design. 3D CAD automatically redraws lines of the design, thereby eliminating the chance of error.
  • Reduces design time. Getting a virtual 3D CAD model in the design phase aids in faster development and helps the engineers complete the design and get into the manufacturing of the mechanical component much faster. Also, the designs created on CAD can be easily saved for future reference, which can save a lot of time for future design creations.
  • Saves on costs. 3D CAD comes with many standard designed components which saves the designer from the trouble of designing them again from scratch, which saves crucial time and money.
  • Better visualisation. 3D CAD modelling provides the best visual images of the component to be designed in 3D. Visual graphics help to understand the component better, which further helps in demonstrating the functionality of the component.

3D visualisation is highly important for not just the aerospace industry, but for all engineers as it helps with the design of a component by visually being able to see it being created, instead of being a drawing of an idea. Using the 3D CAD machine and technology has helped us at Dean Group continue to stand out from the crowd and deliver the highest quality products and services to our clients.

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