Spotlight on: BiKLOX

Date: April 28, 2016

BiKLOX is an award winning bike lock designed for the cycling enthusiast; an anti-theft immobiliser bike lock that is robust, lightweight, and secure, and which won the “Hands Off My Bike” competition in 2013.

After winning the award, BiKLOX contacted us here at Dean Group to help refine and optimise the prototype design of the bike lock, in order to have a top quality product that could be manufactured on a large scale.



Our strategy was to use cost effective techniques in combination with design aesthetics to construct a robust and attractive product to be added to the cycle security market. We were able to fulfil the design brief of the part being intrinsically strong and secure without losing its lightweight feeling.

By working closely with the inventor of BiKLOX, we utilised simulation software that allowed us to identify and recommend adjustments that could be implemented in the product to guarantee a consistent manufacture process.


Key Challenges

BiKLOX contains multiple parts; the component’s production process carried design and tolerance constraints, as each individual part required assembly without involving other methods with expensive machinery.

The product‘s high strength to weight ratio was a challenge we overcame with the aid of the simulation software, which allowed us to concentrate the strength requirements in the necessary places. Having the inventor work so closely with us allowed for quick changes to be made, without the use of multiple manufacturing methods and alongside the tight tolerance issues.


The Finished Product

The rapid prototyping technique was the key factor in reducing costs; quicker production times of a prototype, at a realistic scale and function, allowing for the inventor of BiKLOX to not only be closely involved in the process but also show of progress of the product.

BiKLOX’s parts passed all destructive testing conducted, proving the design’s quality and functionality. The bike lock has high repeatability, being able to be mass-produced with no issues. The simple but effective design resulted in a high-quality finished product that is functional, appealing to the cycling community, robust, and lightweight to easily fit on the bike without compromising its balance.

Here at Dean Group we are proud to have been involved in the manufacturing of BiKLOX. Our highly-skilled experts were vital in developing the successful prototype for mass production. If you want to know more about how we can help you bring your design to life, you can contact us on 0161 775 1633, or follow us on our Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

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