Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders: An Overview

Date: September 22, 2016

The automotive industry is one of the largest manufacturing and production industries in the world. In 2015, the UK automotive industry brought in nearly £70 billion in turnover, and vehicle production was at its highest since 2008. Because of this, it is very clear that it has a massive impact on the world and our economy. One of the largest automotive trade associations is the SMMT!

Here is everything that you need to know about the SMMT!

What Is the SMMT?

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) is one of the largest and most influential trade associations operating within the UK.  The SMMT is said to be the voice of the UK motoring industry, as it is able to support and promote its member’s interests to government, stakeholders and the media.

The SMMT has a long and vibrant history, going as far back as the start of the 20th century. The SMMT was established by British engineer Frederick Simms in 1902. He believed that the fragmented nature of the UK’s motoring industry needed to be addressed by creating a UK representative body to provide leadership, protection and direction to the industry. The SMMT now represents more than 650 automotive companies within the UK.

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How Does The SMMT Work?

The SMMT is a non-profit organisation, meaning that its sole purpose is something other than making a profit. This means that the SMMT isn’t a business – it’s an organisation that focuses on providing support, knowledge, and other expert services to its members, other industries, and government.

The SMMT offers a variety of services, one of which is known as the Motor Vehicle Registration Information System (MRVIS). The MRVIS is used by the government to collect data about new registrations of vehicles from their manufacturers, importers, and the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency.

As well as this, the SMMT offers member events, such as the Open Forum Event that will take place this year on November 9th 2016. It’s a great way to provide networking, presentations and interactive discussions on issues and opportunities across the sector. Another fantastic event is the Commercial Vehicle Show that takes place from April 25th – 27th 2017.

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How Does the SMMT Benefit the Automotive Industry?

The SMMT is a great asset to the automotive industry, as they have over a century’s worth of knowledge and expertise. A great benefit of being a member of the SMMT is that they offer some fantastic services, such as:

  • Automotive Logistics – this is a great way for automotive companies to minimise their cost of vehicle manufacturing and vastly increase productivity.
  • Certification and Training – the SMMT offers an Industry Forum (IF) that offers manufacturing improvement services, such as delivering sustainable changes that last, reduce losses from unnecessary waste, and help to optimise their layout and resources.
  • Exhibition Opportunities – this is an excellent way for companies to display their products and services.

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The SMMT is an important organisation that helps, improves, and protects the automotive industry, making it one of the UK’s largest industries. That is why we at Dean Group care so much about the services that we provide to our customers.

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