Safeguard Your Supply Lines

Date: July 30, 2010

The success of Dean Group International has been built on a simple formula: best quality, best service and competitive prices for investment casting. In that order! Quality is always the key: it doesn’t matter how cheap something appears to be, if it is not fit for purpose or it is not delivered on time. To ensure that all the elements are consistently achieved it is essential to use good quality and well established sources that are well managed.

The latest Plimsoll Analysis has rated Dean Group International as STRONG.

This latest industry report examining the performance of the top 78 companies in the UK Engineering Services industry has rated Dean Group International as STRONG. Only 29 companies achieved this ranking in the new Plimsoll Analysis whilst 31 were given a DANGER rating due to their precarious financial position.

Dean Group use a small network of supply partners for the core disciplines of premium and commercial grade investment casting, die casting, metal injection moulding (MIM) and forging – suppliers that have recognised quality approvals and high moral and ethical standards. These companies, and Dean Group, are all well established, successful and profitable businesses and this in turn helps to guarantee supply to our customers.

In these times of financial uncertainty it is easy to chase ever lower costs but at some point this will affect either quality or service. Dean Group continually monitor and challenge prices and are committed to achieving the very lowest supply package without any risks to supply.

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