Industry Spotlight: Electronics

Date: November 16, 2015

It’s certainly fair to say that the electronics sector represents one of the largest industries that we have here in the UK, with a value of at least £80 billion year on year and 2.9% of the country’s workforce involved in some way. If this doesn’t seem like a significant percentage at first glance then it’s worth considering the sheer quantity of other industries that it’s competing against!

Of course, impressive though this is it shouldn’t come as a surprise – after all, electronics are virtually everywhere in our modern world: in our homes, businesses and even our pockets. From the light bulb to the tools which we use to communicate, it’s almost impossible to imagine how the modern world would function without the work of those within the electronics industry.

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What Role Does the Dean Group Play?

We’re very proud to be able to play a part within this vital sector ourselves, offering our casting services to those who need to manufacture equipment to be used within the electronics industry. With a vast range of different materials and services available, we can be as flexible as our consumers need us to be, ensuring that the high quality which is so important for crafting functional electronic goods is always met.

With year on year growth and exciting innovations emerging seemingly every month, there has never been a better time to be part of the electronics industry, and it is always gratifying to watch those we work with use our services to assist in the creation of some truly exceptional items.

The Importance of Precision

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In electronics, as with every industry, it is essential to get the sizes and specifications of parts absolutely perfect; after all, if just one piece is out of the place the outcome can be disastrous for the entire piece of equipment. We think that taking the time to understand the work being done by the people who turn to us for investment casting process, die casting or any other service allows us to ensure that this high standard of perfect precision is met without exception.

Aside from electronics professionals we also serve customers across a wide range of different industries including renewable energy, medical equipment and defence. Regardless of your own area of expertise, if you feel that you could benefit from the high standards and level of service that we offer then please get in touch with us – we are always available online, over the phone at 01614648549, or at our Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ pages.

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