Continued Investment

Date: April 11, 2013

Dean Group have strategic plans to develop the company even further and to expand our offering based on market driven intelligence. But growth for the sake of growth is not our aim, it has to be sustainable and profit driven in order for us to continue to invest in all areas, whether these are plant and equipment, personnel, systems or infrastructure.

Because of this approach, Dean Group have taken a number of market driven decisions and have recently invested heavily in a number of key management positions, but have also recruited a number of additional shop floor positions in response to increased capacity demands from our UK manufacture of investment castings as well as our risk managed sourcing operation with our China supply partners.

Sales Director Mike Fielding says:

"We have a successful business and a clear vision of where we want to be next year, and in 5 years’ time. We realise that this will take significant investment in all areas but our strong business ethics, stable supply base and consistently high quality standards provide the basis for this growth. It also helps that we have an extremely strong and well established customer base and a good spread of industry sectors within our supply portfolio”.

We will continue to strive to offer what the investment castings market tells us it needs based on the solid base of quality, service and competitive pricing.

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