June News Round Up

As another month draws to a close, we are looking at the news that has made the headlines in the industry this month. Of course, it has been a particularly news-worthy month, largely due to the snap general election which … Read more

International Women in Engineering Day

June 23rd 2017 marks International Women in Engineering Day – a day to celebrate the contribution of women to the industry and encourage young girls to consider a future career in engineering. According to the Office of National Statistics, women … Read more

Eight Of the Most Amazing Engineering Achievements

Mankind has achieved remarkable and breath-taking engineering accomplishments that can be seen all around the world. Here is a diverse list of 8 such achievements, from incredible technology achievements, to man-made structures. These achievements from thousands of years ago up … Read more

The UK General Election and the Manufacturing Industry

Theresa May surprised the country on April 18th by announcing a snap general election in June. There has been a lot of conjecture surrounding this election, which was called to strengthen the government, especially in regard to the Brexit negotiations. … Read more

Steel and its Applications in the Automotive Industry

Steel is a metal that is used across the engineering landscape. There are many different alloys that can be created for a multitude of applications across industries. The automotive industry is one such landscape that provides many applications for steel … Read more

The Benefits of Metal Injection Moulding

At Dean Group, we offer a large number of services that allow us to create high-quality castings and metal components. With each project having different needs and specifications, it is important that we identify which process is ideally suited to … Read more

Spotlight on Heat Treatments

Reducing overhead costs and administration, as well as consolidation of the supplier base, are important elements of the added-value service that we provide here at Dean Group. Additional processes such as heat treatment, machining and assembly are provided in order … Read more

How to Choose the Right Impeller

Impellers are used to increase or reduce the pressure and flow of a fluid, gas or vapour. For this reason, they have many applications and can be found in many different types of machinery – as well as in many … Read more