Spotlight on: BiKLOX

BiKLOX is an award winning bike lock designed for the cycling enthusiast; an anti-theft immobiliser bike lock that is robust, lightweight, and secure, and which won the “Hands Off My Bike” competition in 2013. After winning the award, BiKLOX contacted … Read more

Rapid Prototyping: What is it?

Rapid prototyping is a group of techniques utilised to rapidly construct a scaled model of a part or a product, by using three-dimensional computer aided design (3D CAD). It allows for 3D visualisation of digitally rendered items and, after simulations … Read more

Spotlight: Improving Rail Safety

We all know how the railway is making our lives easier. If you live in the city is probably the best and more comfortable option to arrive to work on time avoiding the inconvenient traffic jams of rush hours. Railway … Read more