Game Changing Engineering

As experts in pressure die casting, we love to see how engineering helps to shape our world. There are some engineering feats, however, that have helped to change the way we see engineering with their innovative, game changing designs.

Industry Spotlight: Electronics

It’s certainly fair to say that the electronics sector represents one of the largest industries that we have here in the UK, with a value of at least £80 billion year on year and 2.9% of the country’s workforce involved … Read more

Famous Engineers

  Our lives today would not be as they are now without the ingenious input of our forefathers. Our stunningly swift advances in technology have allowed us to create the iPad, computer or notebook you’re reading on right now. They … Read more

Dean Group Fundraisers

Sponsor the Dean Group Fundraisers in a 5K run for the RNLI.  As a business we understand the importance of our contribution to charitable organisations, and how we can raise money for those organisations that do so much to help others. Over … Read more

Guide to Non-Destructive Testing

Aside from core manufacturing processes such as creating precision investment castings and metal injection moulding, we also offer a range of other essential services, including non-destructive testing. Important though this process undoubtedly is, many are still unsure as to exactly … Read more