Castings for the Medical Industry

Investment casting is a process with a wide range of applications. It can create castings for a variety of industries and sectors, from automotive and aerospace to military and defence. This manufacturing technique is also used to create castings for … Read more

Dean Group Are Keeping Up Manufacturing for the Supply Chain

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The Global Investment Casting Sector

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Railway Castings: A Complete Investment Casting Service

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The Benefits of Heat Treatment

During manufacturing, some materials might need to be involved in procedures that alter their grain structure. Heat treatments are a way of using controlled heating and cooling procedures to change metal’s physical properties and improve them to be used in … Read more

Dean Group Announces Brand Refresh

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Raw Materials and the Top issues Concerning Them

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A Guide to Surface Finishes

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Investment Casting in the Military and Defence Sector

The military and defence sector is key for the UK. According to the Ministry of Defence, the priorities of the sector from 2015 to 2020 are to protect its people, project its global influence, promote its prosperity, transform the way … Read more