Benefits of 3D Printed Prototyping

Prototyping in manufacturing is vital in many areas, such as product and machine development. It enables designers to create physical, functional versions of their vision and accurately develop and refine it. In addition, this beneficial approach reveals unexpected problems and … Read more

How Metal Casting Promotes Innovation in Architecture

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How Rapid Prototyping Assists Design

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Safeguarding Your Supply Chain

Unforeseen world events such as the pandemic significantly damaged manufacturing companies’ standard global supply chains. As a result, erratic disruptions became commonplace as the manufacturing industry struggled to acquire the raw materials needed for daily operations. Manufacturing Supply Chain Challenges … Read more

Stability With Demand Forecasting

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Manufacturing Managing Rising Costs

In 2023, the events of the past three years still affect manufacturing in the UK. International disruptions and significant changes in the national economy and COVID brought about numerous obstacles the sector still struggles to overcome. The rising costs that … Read more

Apprenticeships Supporting UK Manufacturing

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A Guide to Metal Casting

Metal casting is a broad field of industrial manufacturing. It creates metal parts out of liquid metal through various manufacturing methods in its broadest sense. As a UK-based foundry, we have decades of experience producing castings, including the ever-popular investment … Read more

Dean Group: 50 Years of Manufacturing Excellence

Dean Group has been supplying high-quality metal casting for many industries for decades. From oil and gas, rail, electronics, renewables and more – and we have just reached our 50-year landmark! That’s five decades of working with numerous industries across … Read more