The Importance of CAD in Casting

Through our processes of investment casting and die casting, we are able to produce incredibly accurate and consistent parts for use across a range of industries – but we couldn’t do it without the designs which show us exactly what … Read more

Your Ultimate Guide to Investment Casting (Infographic)

At Dean Group, we specialise in a fantastic process which is known as investment casting. Sadly, not many people know what this fascinating process entails and we think that more people should be aware of how investment casting works. With this … Read more

Industry Spotlight: Recycling

Here at Dean Group, we manufacture a wide range of premium and commercial castings as well as producing a host of products for a wide variety of industries; we produce investment castings which can have a range of applications in … Read more

Engineering After School

Engineering is a fun, rewarding and challenging career; whether you become an expert on die casting like us here at Dean Group or take any other of the many paths available to you, you’re sure to find it a fulfilling … Read more

British Feats in Engineering

Throughout history, Britain has achieved some remarkable feats in the world of engineering. Of course, we’re not as well recognised in this field as our friends across the continent, but we on this small isle have created some pretty marvellous … Read more

Women and Engineering

It’s almost a hundred years since women got the right to vote in the UK, and we would all like to think that we live in an equal society now; however in many sectors women are still under-represented. Engineering, traditionally … Read more

British Standards Institute Membership

Being a certified member of the British Standards Institute Dean Group have recently renewed its long standing membership with British Standards Institute (BSI) in order to stay at the forefront of the UK casting industry while continuously looking to improve … Read more

Cast Metals Federation Members

Dean Group renews membership with the Cast Metals Federation. Dean Group are a longstanding member of the Cast Metal Federation, an organisation which consists of casting companies accounting for over 85% of UK castings. Dean Group place great importance on … Read more

Best Employer Finalist at Salford Business Awards 2015

Dean Group shortlisted as a finalist in the category of Best Employer at the 2015 Salford Business Awards. Operating from our premises in Irlam, part of City of Salford, we are proud to be a part of Salford’s thriving business … Read more

New Microscopy Facility

Dean Group install brand new Microscopy Facility into their in-house Laboratory to ensure they continue to meet and exceed market demand. At Dean Group we are always striving to find ways to stay up to date with market demand and … Read more