High quality investment castings for the mining industry

Dean Group works within many industries and sectors, including mining. We can provide parts and components for sophisticated equipment and for different applications, from digging and refining to crushing and hauling. We use the best materials and processes, which allow us to create complex, durable and cost-efficient parts for the sector.

In addition, Dean Group:

  • Has experience with long-lasting OEMs
  • Has experience with Tier 1s and other supply chain members
  • Manufactures products that are Baseefa- and Atex-compliant
  • Is a member of the Cast Metals Federation
  • Has over four decades of experience

Investment Casting in the Mining Sector

Diggers at a mineInvestment castings are important parts in mining industry equipment and machinery. From tools to heavy-duty machinery, you can find castings virtually anywhere – this process allows the creation of complex shapes with highly accurate dimensional tolerances and at great prices.

Steel is one of the most commonly found materials in the sector. This is because the alloy is easy to form, durable, resistant to fire and wind, and resistant to corrosion. Many pieces of equipment benefit from steel castings, such as bulldozers, drills, excavators and haul trucks.

Dean Group and the Mining Industry

We serve the sector with superior castings that undergo rigorous testing and inspections, and which are  ISO 9001:2005-accredited. Additionally, we offer fast lead times to our customers, competitive pricing, excellent customer service and high-quality products and services.

Our premium grade investment casting and commercial grade investment casting processes are suitable for the mining sector because they create castings that are high in accuracy and precision. They’re also flexible and complex and allow for consistency and repeatability.

At Dean Group, we also offer an aluminium casting process that we developed in-house, and which can produce castings with good mechanical properties and a tight, porosity-free microstructure that doesn’t need hipping.

Castings need to withstand even the most extreme conditions, so we also offer additional processes, treatments and finishes that protect the parts.

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