Investment castings for the electric vehicle market

We serve a large number of sectors, including the electric vehicle market. This industry is huge in the UK and greatly benefits from the manufacturing of investment castings. There’s a need for lightweight components, such as those made from aluminium, which are often manufactured through casting processes.

How Dean Group Can Help

We can meet the high demands of the electric vehicle industry by producing high-integrity castings that comply with ISO 9001:2005 quality standards.

Not only this but we also offer several investment casting processes to suit the specific needs of our customers. Some processes are ideal for casting certain parts or materials, which is why it’s important to choose the correct one before manufacturing components.

For instance, you can benefit from our aluminium casting process, which we developed in-house and allows us to deliver high-quality castings. Aluminium is crucial for electric vehicles due to its low weight and strength, so you can rest assured that you’re getting a part manufactured to your specifications.

We Work with Many Different Materials

The electric vehicle industry depends on many different materials. Steel and aluminium are two of the most popular, with aluminium helping to improve a vehicle’s engine capacity – as well as aerodynamics – due to how lightweight it is.

Steel can make up to 50% of a vehicle’s composition. This alloy is usually found in the skeletal body of cars and are the foundation upon which everything else is built on. Steel is a strong material, as well as cost-efficient, and offers good resistance to corrosion, making it a great choice for the electric vehicle sector.

Get in Touch with Dean Group

If you work within the electric vehicle sector and require specific parts for your project, let us know. We can manufacture components of different sizes and from different materials, as well as shape complexity.