Top Benefits of Choosing UK Manufacturing

Date: May 21, 2021

With the effects of both COVID and Brexit, supporting UK businesses is crucial for the economy. Choosing UK manufacturing also offers many advantages to companies, which we’re highlighting in this article.

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Both events showed the need for manufacturing to return to the UK, be it so that companies can avoid additional paperwork and admin or avoid paying more for materials, for example. As an investment casting company, we’re taking a look at the advantages of opting for local manufacturing.

Shorter Lead Times

Choosing local manufacturers means that materials and products take less time to get to you, which also means it can be with the consumer a lot faster too – you may also see more sales per month or year because of it. The goods don’t have as much distance to travel, so you have a competitive edge over companies that don’t use UK manufacturing.

Lower Carbon Footprint

Sustainability is important for Dean Group, so we know that the same is true for many other companies. As mentioned, when you opt for UK manufacturing, products don’t have such a long way to go before it gets to you, which means less fuel is used and, therefore, less damage is done to the planet.

Choosing UK manufacturing is the greener option, not to mention how many businesses prefer to work with companies that help the environment. Dean Group, for example, has taken the Green Pledge and also invests in sustainable measures aimed at reducing our carbon footprint, including installing solar panels and LED lights in our facility.

Possibility for Smaller Orders

When it comes to small minimum order quantities, you have the opportunity to order a lower amount when you choose a local manufacturer. This is because you don’t have to order a lot of products to fill a shipping container or a lorry if you don’t need it.

This is not only practical but also more cost-effective for smaller companies, as they don’t need to invest so much money on purchasing materials or products – and, if certain items are discontinued, for instance, you don’t have to worry about having bought too much stock you can’t use or move.

You can also order more times, which gives you the flexibility you need in your business.


Fewer Transport Costs

Shorter routes will also mean fewer transport costs, so you can save money when opting for local manufacturing. This money can then be invested in your products and overall business.

Better Communication with Suppliers

It’s easier to communicate with suppliers if they’re local as well. If you choose overseas manufacturing, you may not be able to contact your suppliers when you need them and receiving samples will also take more time, which can interfere with production. With local manufacturing, you may be able to get samples the next day, for example.

Building relationships with partners and suppliers is also easier when you’re able to meet in person, so this is another reason to choose local companies.

Improved Quality Control

Quality control is essential when you have a business, so you want your products to be of the highest standards and to comply with UK regulations. It's easier to verify this when you opt for local manufacturing, because you can visit your supplier and check the products before they get to you. This ensures strict control from start to finish, helping you to deliver better products to customers.

If your supplier is overseas, you can’t visit as easily and may not be able to stay on top of everything as you can when your partners are local.

Knowing Where Products Come From

One thing that people are becoming more and more interested in is the origin of their products. If you use local manufacturers, your clients can rest assured that everything has been made to the highest of standards. Foreign markets may not be able to meet the requirements of your customers, be it in terms of certifications or even the quality of the materials used.

Ability to Solve Issues Quickly

In an ideal world, nothing would go wrong during manufacturing, but things don’t always turn out like that! So, if something happens and there’s a problem with the manufacturing of a product, you’re close enough that you can pop in to identify the issue and solve it. This will save you time and money down the line.

Help the UK Economy

Another benefit of choosing UK businesses is that you’re supporting the UK economy. As these companies thrive, so does the economy and, considering the double whammy of both Brexit and the pandemic, the economy needs all the help it can get.

At the moment, manufacturers are optimistic about the future, especially with lockdown measures relaxing or disappearing entirely, so we hope the industry can continue to grow.


We're a UK-based investment casting company with many years of experience in the industry, so we can provide you with the exact products you need for your project. We also work together with you to ensure that your castings meet the demanding specifications of your sector.

We manufacture parts in the UK and provide visual, dimensional and chemical analysis of products as well – chat to us and we’ll be more than happy to help you with your design and component.

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