Railway Castings: A Complete Investment Casting Service

The railway sector is a crucial transport and distribution network that requires the use of dependable, cost-effective and long-lasting equipment. After all, the parts used in the industry have to accommodate a range of applications, from freight to passenger railways, … Read more

The Benefits of Heat Treatment

During manufacturing, some materials might need to be involved in procedures that alter their grain structure. Heat treatments are a way of using controlled heating and cooling procedures to change metal’s physical properties and improve them to be used in … Read more

Dean Group Announces Brand Refresh

Dean Group are kicking 2020 off by refreshing our branding and marketing to maintain our growing position in the market. The current branding has been in place for 13 years, as it was first introduced in 2007. Over the years, … Read more

Raw Materials and the Top issues Concerning Them

Raw materials are incredibly important in metalwork. They need to be of the highest possible quality and it’s important to select the right metal for a particular casting, for instance. However, there are many other matters concerning them that we … Read more