Aerospace: The Rise of a More Sustainable Industry

As an investment casting company, Dean Group work within a variety of sectors, including aerospace. We believe investing in a greener industry is incredibly important for the environment (as well as for businesses), so we’re thrilled to see that the … Read more

Meeting Customer Needs: Shop Floor Training at Dean Group

For Christopher Dean, meeting the ever-changing needs of customers is one of the most important things in niche industries. Because Dean Group fully understand this, we have developed a plan to train the shop floor workforce to achieve this goal. … Read more

Aerospace Investment Casting

In the aerospace industry, parts and components need to be cast with the utmost precision, no matter their size or application. Being safety critical parts, it’s crucial that all castings are manufactured with the greatest attention to detail and quality.

Why is Innovation Crucial for Manufacturing?

Innovation is a key component of economic growth and success and is of the utmost importance in manufacturing. After all, it leads to higher levels of productivity, efficiency and progress. Typically, innovation means to be on the lookout for something … Read more

SME Manufacturers in England Receive £11.8m to Aid Growth

Brexit is taking up a lot of governmental resources, but it’s important not to let this obscure other fundamental issues in manufacturing; namely, the current skills gap that is impacting the industry. Considering there were 5.7 million SMEs in the … Read more