Augmented Reality in the Manufacturing Industry

Augmented reality rose in popularity after the Pokémon phenomenon that swept the world of gaming. Niantic’s mobile game was released in July 2016 and had more than 500 million downloads in September. Augmented reality can be described as a live … Read more

Growth of the Aerospace Industry

Throughout 2016, the aerospace industry has been undergoing an upward trend of growth. The UK aerospace industry has been a global success over the past year; seeing a rise in jobs, exportation and growing technology. Growing support between the industry … Read more

Pressure vs Gravity Die Casting

We’re turning our attentions to how pressure die casting and gravity die casting differ from each other – and which similarities they have in common.

Rapid Prototyping in the Aerospace Industry

Rapid prototyping was introduced in the late 1980s and has since then contributed to many different industries, including aerospace. It has been incorporated in a variety of functions and processes within the sector and is used to shorten and streamline … Read more

International Relations Effect On Business

International relations affect everyday life, even though you might not realise it – even things such as the mortgage on your home is affected by the international climate. So, it is no wonder that these tethers between countries also have … Read more

The Importance of Work Placements and Apprenticeships

Here at Dean Group, we are great believers in the workforce of tomorrow. Bright and talented young people are the future of every business, which help them develop from the moment they start their careers. This is vital, as it … Read more