The Benefits of Corporate Away Days

Company away days are always an excellent opportunity for everyone to connect outside of the workplace and learn to communicate better with each other – these are not the only advantages, however, as corporate away days offer plenty more!

The Aerospace Industry’s Top Talent Hail from US University

We’ve always taken a keen interest in one of our partner sectors, aerospace, following the latest industry news great to see the aerospace industry hitting the headlines this month. And we’re especially pleased to see that it’s what we consider … Read more

Rapid Prototyping: Transforming the Manufacturing Process

Rapid prototyping, which is scientifically known as stereolithography, is a relatively new process and it has been developing continuously for decades. It first arrived on the scene in the late 1980s as a way to quickly manufacture models and small … Read more

The Importance of Innovation in the Aerospace Industry

In 2014, businesses invested £1.7 billion in research and development in the UK’s aerospace industry, a figure that clearly demonstrates the importance given to progress and advancements in this sector. And it’s no wonder that people want to invest; after … Read more

Rio 2016: Team GB’s Golden Olympics

As the 2016 Summer Olympics drew to a close on Sunday amidst pouring rain, fireworks and an undampened carnival atmosphere, Team GB were celebrating an unprecedented success. It’s long been said that a country who hosts the Olympics will not … Read more

Cars of the Future

The automotive industry is constantly evolving and utilising new and innovative techniques, as we’ve seen with the application of virtual reality. There are many predictions about what cars will look like in a few years, especially considering current trends, such … Read more