The Dean Group Story

Here at Dean Group, we have been providing investment casting services to a huge range of industries for over 40 years. We are a family-run business with a rich history – a history which has led to the Dean Group … Read more

Refreshed, Renewed, Recycled!

The recycling industry continues to grow steadily, especially as there’s increasing pressure on governments all around the world to step up their country’s recycling measures in order to help save the environment. Here at Dean Group, we’re doing our bit … Read more

What Makes a Great Quality Part?

What Makes a Great Quality Part? At Dean Group, we specialise in investment and die casting as well as metal injection moulding to create parts for a range of industries, and we’re proud to exist as an integral part of … Read more

See How Recycling Is Winning Over The World

As manufacturers of a whole range of components for the recycling industry, we pride ourselves on aiding the practise of what is becoming a global force. In the past decade, the go-green message has been heard across the world, and … Read more

What is Material Science?

The history of material science is vast and old. We can trace back our ingenuity to the Stone Age era, when humanity was still figuring out the things they could do with the materials around them. We worked materials and … Read more

Team pass with flying colours

Continuous improvement and training are always a priority at Dean Group.  We appreciate the importance of ensuring that our training matrix is up to date, and we take every opportunity to encourage our team to expand their knowledge and skills. … Read more