Choosing the right company for all your investment casting needs can literally make or break your business. So choose a company with a rich heritage, offering specialist services and a strong understanding of how to achieve your goals and surpass your expectations.

Why use investment casting?

First instances of this process can be traced back nearly 5,000 years; that's 5,000 years of perfecting, adapting and moving forward to what we currently have today.

We're not even done advancing yet – the investment casting process here at Dean Group International is constantly evolving, meaning that we're still looking to the future and how we can help businesses move forward, too while meeting the ever changing needs of our clients.

What Does Your Investment Casting Guarantee?
  • High accuracy and integrity
  • Precision
  • Consistency and repeatability
  • Wide choice of alloys
  • Material flexibility:
  • Production flexibility
  • Reduced production costs
  • Reduced assembly work
Why Choose Dean Group International?

We are a long-established, family owned foundry who have been actively involved in advancing a wide variety of manufacturing processes for nearly 45 years.

Our experience, continuous investments in our technology and focus on your needs means that we're not only dedicated to the components we create, but the companies that we create them for, too.

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Is Investment Casting For My Business?

Our experts are on hand to talk you through the process, and show you exactly what we can do for your business. Simply fill in your details below, and we'll call you back to discuss how the right investment casting can be a benefit to your company.