Everything You Need to Know about Lost Wax Casting

Lost wax casting, also known as investment casting, precision casting, has been a well-known and popular metal casting process for a very long time. It has remained the process of choice for many, then, especially due to its accuracy, ability … Read more

Why Investment Casting is Crucial in the Railway Sector

Why Investment Casting is Crucial in the Railway Sector   Here at Dean Group, we have a lot of experience providing castings for a variety of sectors, including the railway sector. Castings manufactured for railways need to be reliable, durable … Read more

How Do Investment Castings Benefit from Annealing?

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The Castings Manufactured for the Architectural Sector

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How Can Investment Castings Benefit from Mirror Polishing?

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Which Castings are Used in the Electric Vehicle Sector?

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How Investment Casting Can Add Value

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Products and Materials Used in the Electronics Industry

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